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2014 Wiener Dog Races

Copy of e11The call for entries for the 2013 Wiener Dog Races is now closed. Come back next year for the 10th Annual Wiener Dog Races at Ellis Park.


Wiener Dog Racing Rules & Regulations 

  1. Participating canines must be real dachshunds.  There are no weight restrictions.
  2. Only the dachshunds chosen to race will be allowed access at EllisPark.  NO SPECTATOR CANINES WILL BE ALLOWED.
  3. Each dachshund race will be 50 yards on the EllisPark main track.
  4. Each participating dachshund will need to bring two (2) humans.  Humans must be able to carry and/or catch the dog while standing/walking on a sandy surface (much like a beach).
  5. One human will carry the racer to the Starting Box and “load” the canine.  The other human will stand at the Finish Line and catch the racing canine.
  6. All humans will be required to sign a consent waiver releasing EllisPark from all liabilities and allowing EllisPark to use their names and likenesses in promotional advertising.
  7. NO FOOD is allowed on the racetrack. The humans may coax their runners with a favorite chew toy, scarf, bell, etc.  No dog whistles or other shrill whistles are allowed.  Nothing breakable or edible is allowed on the racing surface.  No balloons, doggie treats, etc.
  8. Humans should not carry any loose articles onto the racetrack.  Humans should wear comfortable shoes.  No flip-flops will be allowed.  Only canines will be allowed to be barefoot.
  9. Participants will be responsible for bringing their canine to the Winner’s Circle for their designated race (an announcement will be made).  Participants are not allowed in the Winner’s Circle until their designated race.
  10. Participating canines are not allowed trackside except for their individual race.
  11. Upon completion of the wiener dog race, all participants MUST RETURN their dog’s assigned racing blanket to personnel and exit the Winner’s circle.
  12. The top three finishers of the four qualifying heats will be given a pass and will be asked to return to the Grand Champion race.
  13. A short interview may be conducted after the 5th race and photos will be taken.  Contestants must sign a media release prior to the running of their race (these must be completed by check in time).
  14. REMEMBER:  The only thing serious about this race is the FUN!  Judges’ decisions will be final.  For the safety of everyone concerned, the Track reserves the right to refuse participation to humans who cannot meet all qualifications of the race.
  15. These races will be held rain or shine.